What´s Included? / All in a single monthy payment

Your Room

The Unit

•    20 ft square room

•    Queen size bed
•    Private closet
•    Bathroom

•    Smart TV

•    Work area / desk

•    Personal towels

•    100 ft square apartment

•    1 Floor
•    3 Bedrooms
•    2 Bathrooms (1 shared)
•    Central Air
•    Mixed roommate gender
•    High-end furnished

Essentials & Extras


•    Weekly cleaning
•    Kitchenware
•    Sheets & Pillows
•    Bath towels
•    In site Laundry machine

•    High-speed Wifi
•    Gas
•    Hot Water
•    Electricity
•    TV Cable
•    Phone

Livit Membership

Livit is a housing network that gives livers access to Livit "All inclusive" apartments in Mexico City, unique opportunities to move seamlessly between different neighborhoods.

We disrupt the way people live making it effortless to find your dream home with our move-in ready locations.

All Livit members have gone through our vetting process and passed a background to ensure a safe and warm Livit community.

Words of wisdom

•    Treat the property as your own.
•    Your neighbour's privacy is as important as yours.

•    Follow the society rules and regulations.

•    Ensure proper cleanliness.
•    You are responsible for guests.

We are right here